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Bookmark this page as it is always kept up to date with new ways to improve your aim on Call Of Duty

Improving Your Aim

This guide in is intended for true game console players who playing using a controller and not the noobs who use XIM4 or other mouse and key board adaptors.

Aiming Aids / Professional controllers

I personally use the Xbox Elite controller which is not just a premium product with a professional feel but superior build quality. Just holding this controller gives you amazing confidence and the perfect mind set for getting those shots in first. I have used scuff controllers in the past but always come back to this baby the triggers seem better placed and not so hard  to press. But If you currently use a Scuff it may take a while to convert to this controller as you may find yourself clicking paddles by mistake. The other advantage over scuff is you get the full gaurantee not just 3 months , you also get the app to customise the controller exactly how you want it.


Colour customization limits this controller but there are many options on Amazon to customize this controller here are a few examples.


For those of you who have a standard controller and have no intention of spending £100 plus on a controller , you still use aiming aids to help your aim. One such aid is Kontrol Freek’s this are used a lot by professional gamer’s and casual gamer’s alike.


The science behind Kontrol Freek’s are the longer the thumb stick the higher the aiming sensitivity you can have while maintaining accuracy.