Infinite Warfare Patch Notes

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General Fixes


• Increasing the audio range of the Micro Turret and Shock Sentry


• Rig ability Killjoys now allow both ability Payloads to count towards progress


• Updated Trinity Rocket to prevent the lock-on missiles from aggressively tracking targets when they should have hit the ground


• Infected:


Removed secondary knife from R3K and FHR loadouts as your melee is always an OHK

OSA replaces the M1 and Hailstorm loadout

OSA can now be selected in custom matches

• Assists score is now doubled if the player did a majority of the damage to the victim


• Uplink:


Improved passing behavior for the drone

Fixed an issue where throwing the drone at a scorestreak would apply 1 damage

• Fix for some players being unable to perform Taunts in the Winner’s Circle in both Public and Custom matches


• Fix for some players being unable to equip a custom emblem after switching from a previously made emblem


• Fix for some players encountering an issue where renaming an emblem could possibly delete it


• Fix for animated weapon camos


• Various map fixes






• Fix for the player arrows on the minimap only displaying the direction of the spectated player


• Adjusted the team colors to be a bit more visible on the minimap


• Added a ‘Contested’ icon when a defending and attacking both jump into the goal to better message when carry scores are blocked




Shaolin Shuffle


• Removed the Heart cooldown


• Miscellaneous bug fixes

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