Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s 4K mode detailed for Xbox One X

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War will feature two distinct modes on Xbox One X. The first, as expected, is the 4K mode which features native 4K resolution through dynamic scaling and this increases detail. There are also better textures on display and an optional pack to download 4K cinematics. The “Favour Quality” mode is potentially more interesting and worth a look though.

The Favour Quality mode not only increases texture detail due to the high-quality assets, but it also increases draw distances, uses better shadows and lighting, adds more vegetation in certain scenes, enhances ambient occlusion, uses higher polygon counts, and uses better texture filtering. Get all that? You may have to read through that again. The changes are that extensive!

We initially started out thinking that Middle-earth: Shadow of War may look best in native 4K but the Favour Quality mode took us by surprise. It’ll definitely be a treat to compare both modes when they launch with the Xbox One X.

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