Paladins 4K Xboxonex update

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  • Frame Rate
  • Colour Range
  • 4K screen look
  • Pay To Win Value
  • Graphics

I originally played this when this was released way before the Xboxonex was released and even then it impressed me.

I was often told its like Overwatch from Blizzard , but how does this compare to Overwatch we will be comparing these two very closely over the next few weeks, so stay tuned not to miss that.

The colours really pop , the frame rate runs silky smooth ,looks great on a 4K screen. I tested this on a 4K LG 55″ TV which I direct captured from the Xboxonex which you can see in the content below.

Although this is in beta I would highly recommend the founders pack which is just £15.99 from the store which unlocks all future champions.

You do not need to purchase the in game items , I think the pay to win level is quite acceptable as you can enjoy the game and do very well with out purchasing additional content from the store.


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