Robocraft Infinity – Xbox || Windows 10 Exclusive

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Freejam Games’ Robocraft Infinity, which is actually exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10, is another title joining that list.

Freejam Games said, “We aim to support both 4k and 60fps when we launch on Xbox One X. This obviously presents new challenges to the team as we’re updating the core game code that is now almost 5 years old but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how good Robocraft Infinity will look running at 4k.”

It seems like the team still has some work to do on the game, optimizing it for both Xbox One and Xbox One X. However, given the faster GPU in the Xbox One X, there were several benefits it offered compared to the Xbox One.

Robocraft Infinity has been based off the original Robocraft code base with numerous improvements made to it, both in terms of performance, usability and features. The core game will run on a dual-core i3 so the more power have had to play with the faster we can make it run. We’re still able to support the low-end machines that will potentially run it on the Windows 10 version while the Xbox One X allows us to support 4K,” said FreeJam Games.


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