Xboxonex 4K60 DVR Capture quality using External drive

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First capture on a external drive direct from Xboxonex DVR at 4K60. By using an external drive you can record upto 1 hour at 4K 60 frames per second.

This is a great feature with an amazing upgrade over the base Xboxone DVR , but there are still room for improvements you can not upload direct to Youtube when using the external drive, you have to unplug the drive the upload using a PC , laptop or chrome book.

The other downside is Upload Studio has not been upgraded to edit 4K video only 1080p this is kind of dissapointing.

The quality is superb when compared to the 1080p on the base Xboxone , but the bitrate is not what you would call stunning 4K quality. But then unless you want to shell out a further £300-£400 for the Elgato 4K60 card plus a capable PC of capturing 4K with the Elgato it is a very small compromise bearing in mind most content on you tube is viewed on mobile devices is it actually worth shelling out all that extra money , the choice is yours.

Full HDR capture is supported and was enabled on this capture below , but please note will only show HDR on support playback devices.

This sample was uploaded using a chromebook :

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